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402 Freedom to Work (FTW)
Service Package
Customer Costs
Programs and Legal Authorities
The conditions of eligibility for the AHCCCS Freedom to Work program are:
Valid application (MA533);
Age 16 to 64 (MA501);
Resident of Arizona (MA531);
Provide or apply for a valid Social Security number (MA532);
US citizen (MA507) or appropriate non-citizen status (MA524);
Not incarcerated (MA525);
Apply for potential benefits (MA526);
Assignment of rights to medical benefits and cooperation (MA503); and
Meet the Basic Coverage Group or Medically Improved Coverage Group definitions for disability (MA509)
Employed (MA510);
Monthly countable income under 250% FPL (MA615.6);
Pay the AHCCCS FTW premium, if required (MA528); and
Not eligible for any other Medicaid program (MA522).
Freedom to Work (FTW) Program
The FTW program is for people with disabilities who are working.
There are two FTW coverage groups:
The Basic Coverage Group; and
The Medically Improved Group.
Service Package
Customers eligible for AHCCCS Freedom to Work program receive AHCCCS Medical Services.
Customers can receive an ALTCS services package. Customers may be eligible for an ALTCS service package if they:
Are medically in need of long term care services (MA509); and
Reside in a setting (living arrangement) where long term care services can be provided (MA521).
Customers approved for coverage under AHCCCS Freedom to Work are enrolled with an:
AHCCCS Health Plan; or
Program Contractor (for ALTCS).
Customer Costs
Customers who qualify for AHCCCS Medical Services or ALTCS services under a FTW coverage group may have to pay a:
Premium (MA1206); OR
Share of Cost (MA1202).
Customers who pay a premium may have co-payments for certain services (MA1205).
Programs and Legal Authorities
This requirement applies to the following programs:
Legal Authorities
Freedom to Work
42 USC 1396a(a)(10)(A)(ii)(XV)
42 USC 1396a(a)(10)(A)(ii)(XVI)
ARS 36-2929
ARS 36-2950
R9-22-1901 through R9-22-1904