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Service Package
Customer Costs
Programs and Legal Authorities
The conditions of eligibility for the Child program are:
Valid application (MA533);
Under age 19 (MA501);
Resident of Arizona (MA531);
Social Security number (MA532);
US citizen (MA507) or appropriate non-citizen status (MA524);
Not incarcerated (MA525);
Apply for potential benefits (MA526);
Assignment of rights to medical benefits and cooperation (MA503); and
Income at or below the limits in MA615.10, 11 and 12
Child Program
The Child program is for customers under age 19.
Service Package
Customers eligible for the Child program receive full AHCCCS Medical Assistance coverage. Customers who meet all requirements except U.S. citizenship or qualified non-citizen status receive emergency services only.
For a description of AHCCCS Medical Assistance service packages, see MA302.
Customers approved for full coverage under the Child program are enrolled in an AHCCCS Health Plan (Chapter 1100).
Emergency Services are paid for by AHCCCS on a fee-for-service basis.
Customer Costs
Customers do not pay a premium for coverage under the Child program. Customers in the Child program also are exempt from co-payments.
Programs and Legal Authorities
This requirement applies to the following programs:
Legal Authorities
Title 42, Chapter 7, Subchapter XIX of the USC
Title 42, Chapter IV, Part 435 of the CFR
Title 36, Chapter 29, Article 1 of the ARS
Title 9, Chapter 22, Article 14 of the AAC